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Thanks to all who participated in the Hoppy Halloween Challenge.

There were 375 entries judged and 599 registered participants, judges, and stewards.

Best of Show Winners

Best of Show – Beer

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stMike & Stephanie ButlerDo You Kiss Your Mother With That Rye?31A: Alternative Grain BeerKansas City Bier Meisters

Best of Show – Mead/Cider

PlaceBrewerEntry NameStyleClub
1stKevin MeintsmaCovfefe Blossom #99M1A: Dry MeadMinnesota Home Brewers Association

Winning Entries

Table 1: Table 1 - Light Lager (26 entries)

1stCaleb MeinkeLen's1A: American Light Lager
2ndGreg WegielFestbier4B: FestbierCircle City Zymurgy
3rdDaniel KukukHome Port4B: FestbierMotor City Mashers

Table 2: Table 2 - Pilsner (7 entries)

1stDaniel KukukNautilus3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerMotor City Mashers
2ndMac ButcherBoo Pils3B: Czech Premium Pale LagerFellowship of Oklahoma Alemakers (FOAM)
3rdSimon ClarkKraut Who's Out5D: German PilsKansas City Bier Meisters

Table 3: Table 3 - European Amber Lager (18 entries)

1stNicholas BenoitVienna Lager7A: Vienna Lager
2ndMac ButcherBurried In Die Keller7C: Kellerbier Fellowship of Oklahoma Alemakers (FOAM)
3rdDon GoodeVienna Sausage 7A: Vienna Lager

Table 4: Table 4 - Dark Lager (13 entries)

1stJamye & Cody NaramoreSlam Dunkel8A: Munich DunkelKansas City Bier Meisters
2ndDarren VaughnBully Moose8A: Munich DunkelFellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM) [OK]
3rdMatt KovalDas Boot8A: Munich Dunkel

Table 5: Table 5 - Bock (14 entries)

1stNicholas BenoitMaibock4C: Helles Bock
2ndDan AchesonWinfield Ate Her9A: Doppelbock Urban Knaves of Grain
3rdMichael ReedMike's Dunkels6C: Dunkels BockBay Area Mashtronauts

Table 6: Table 6 - Light Hybrid Beer (7 entries)

1stCaleb MeinkeWillow Run1D: American Wheat Beer
2ndJohn BlackBallroom Blonde18A: Blonde AleBay Area Mashtronauts
3rdCarl TeacheyDeckel Ticker5B: KolschWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club

Table 7: Table 7 - Amber Hybrid Beer (7 entries)

1stAdam SkjefstadAlt Bier7B: AltbierRiver City Brewers [MN]
2ndRandy Daniels KC McKinneyCtrl-Alt-Drink7B: AltbierIowa Brewers Union
3rdDeborah And Marc PrichardI Only Drum Naked7B: AltbierRed Earth Brewers

Table 8: Table 8 - English Pale Ale (15 entries)

1stGiovanni PivaFear the Stache11C: Strong BitterSTL Brewhogs
2ndScott SteenburgBru Club Ordinary Bitter11A: Ordinary BitterFoam Blowers of Indiana (FBI)
3rdJarrett Long
Co-Brewer: John Bates
British Are Coming 12A: British Golden AleHorsemen of the Hopocalypse

Table 9: Table 9 - Scottish and Irish Ale (12 entries)

1stJohn HuhnEyebrow Beard17C: Wee HeavyZymurgists of the Ozarks
2ndDelano SteinKiltkicker14C: Scottish Export
3rdJohn HuhnLil Shillelagh14B: Scottish HeavyZymurgists of the Ozarks

Table 10: Table 10 - American Ale (13 entries)

1stDan AchesonStar Partyin'18B: American Pale AleUrban Knaves of Grain
2ndChris HunterApa18B: American Pale Ale
3rdDaniel KukukBelle Isle Brown19C: American Brown AleMotor City Mashers

Table 11: Table 11 - English Brown and Mild (5 entries)

1stJeremiah BaerRoar13A: Dark MildEast Side Brewers [IL]
2ndEric SandersWedding Bell Brown II13B: English Brown AleRochester Area Zymurgy Enthusiasts (RAZE)
3rdEric MartinMild13A: Dark MildKansas City Bier Meisters

Table 12: Table 12 - Porter (12 entries)

1stDarren Vaughn
Co-Brewer: Tim Buelly
Timmy’s Porter20A: American PorterFellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM) [OK]
2ndMatt KovalIvan the Foamy9C: Baltic Porter
3rdTravis KirbyAll Your Porters Belong To Us9C: Baltic PorterFellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM)

Table 13: Table 13 - Stout (17 entries)

1stPaul PitreRohan20C: Imperial StoutRedstick Brewmasters
2ndScott SteenburgDarth Sidious 20C: Imperial StoutFoam Blowers of Indiana (FBI)
3rdJoel CervantesHenry Beckham20C: Imperial StoutBay Area Mashtronauts

Table 14: Table 14 - American and Double IPA (7 entries)

1stEric MartinSimcoe Star Party21A: American IPAKansas City Bier Meisters
2ndKevin WagnerThe Time For Honoring Yourself Will Soon Be At An End. 21A: American IPAKansas City Bier Meisters
3rdMichael LoulaFor Cryo-Ing Out Loud, That's A Lotta Hops! 22A: Double IPA

Table 15: Table 15 - Other IPA (19 entries)

1stAlex HartlaubHazy IPA21B7: New England IPA Manty Malters
2ndKevin OlsonRed Dwarf Star21B4: Red IPA ZZHops Homebrewing Club
3rdJarrett Long
Co-Brewer: John Bates
Winter Is Coming 21B6: White IPA Horsemen of the Hopocalypse

Table 16: Table 16 - German Wheat and Rye (8 entries)

1stSimon ClarkSeimon's Wiezen10C: Weizenbock Kansas City Bier Meisters
2ndMichael RensingBunny Lebowski10A: WeissbierCane Island Alers (CIA)
3rdCarl TeacheyVorletzte10B: Dunkels WeissbierWinston-Salem Wort Hawgs Homebrew Club

Table 17: Table 17 - Belgian and French Ale (10 entries)

1stDan HolbrookTrappist Single26A: Trappist Single
2ndCody CannonSteph25B: Saison Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM) [OK]
3rdWesley KulcakWhite Shepherd24A: WitbierBay Area Mashtronauts

Table 18: Table 18 - Sour Ale (10 entries)

1stMatthew HerroldGhoul's Gueuze #meanbrews23E: GueuzeCane Island Alers (CIA)
2ndTimothy WicklundSummer Gose28B: Mixed Fermentation Sour Beer Keepers of Craft
3rdJed LengerichLambic23F: Fruit Lambic MASH Fort Wayne Homebrew Club

Table 19: Table 19 - Belgian Strong Ale (21 entries)

1stMike KimbleMidnight Driver of A Love MacHine26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleUrban Knaves of Grain
2ndJohn HuhnBfd26D: Belgian Dark Strong AleZymurgists of the Ozarks
3rdTimothy Nyhus
Co-Brewer: Andrew LaPlaunt
Trüe Blönde25A: Belgian Blond AleHorsemen of the Hopocalypse

Table 20: Table 20 - Strong Ale (9 entries)

1stJarrett Long
Co-Brewer: John Bates
One More Time Old Friend17B: Old AleHorsemen of the Hopocalypse
2ndMike & Stephanie ButlerAll The Barley17D: English BarleywineKansas City Bier Meisters
3rdKevin OlsonWhhheatwine22D: WheatwineZZHops Homebrewing Club

Table 21: Table 21 - Fruit Beer (13 entries)

1stGary ElliottCrazy Fairy29A: Fruit Beer Red Earth Brewers
2ndDan AchesonFlanders Export - Cherry Chocolate Edition29B: Fruit and Spice Beer Urban Knaves of Grain
3rdNicholas BenoitMango Wheat29A: Fruit Beer

Table 22: Table 22 - Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beer (18 entries)

1stGary ElliottCoco-Choco-Porter30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Red Earth Brewers
2ndJed LengerichLatte Stout30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer MASH Fort Wayne Homebrew Club
3rdDan HolbrookAbies Please30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer

Table 23: Table 23 - Smoke-Flavored/Wood-Aged Beer (16 entries)

1stTravis Kirby
Co-Brewer: Darren Vaughn
Stave Slayer Quad33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Fellowship of Oklahoma Ale Makers (FOAM)
2ndGreg WegielRusty's Imperial Stout33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Circle City Zymurgy
3rdGiovanni PivaLondon Has Fallen32A: Classic Style Smoked Beer STL Brewhogs

Table 24: Table 24 - Specialty Beer (18 entries)

1stMike & Stephanie ButlerDo You Kiss Your Mother With That Rye?31A: Alternative Grain Beer Kansas City Bier Meisters
2ndMichael RensingColonel's Secret Secret Recipe27A6: Kentucky CommonCane Island Alers (CIA)
3rdChris HunterRoggenbier27A4: Roggenbier

Table 25: Table 25 - Traditional Mead (12 entries)

1stKevin MeintsmaCovfefe Blossom #99M1A: Dry MeadMinnesota Home Brewers Association
2ndPatrick CurmeThis Is No Dream This Is Really Happening M1B: Semi-Sweet MeadMinnesota Home Brewers Association
3rdMatthew MeadBlueberry Blossom Traditional - SweetM1B: Semi-Sweet MeadMichigan Mead Coalition

Table 26: Table 26 - Fruit Mead (10 entries)

1stMatthew MeadMichigan U-Pick: Montmorency Vs. Balaton Round 2M2D: Stone Fruit Mead Michigan Mead Coalition
2ndAdam BystromHeartbreakerM2E: Melomel Minnesota Home Brewers Association
3rdAdam BystromRiesling The Kraken!M2B: PymentMinnesota Home Brewers Association

Table 27: Table 27 - Spice and Specialty Mead (14 entries)

1stBrian StephensWater DonkeyM3A: Fruit and Spice Mead Keepers of Craft
2ndMatthew MeadIt's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!M4C: Experimental Mead Michigan Mead Coalition
3rdBill BoyerMiód Z Orzechów MakadamiaM4B: Historical Mead North Georgia Malt Monkeys

Table 28: Table 28 - Standard Cider & Perry (4 entries)

1stKevin WagnerBucketmaster: Batch C21C1A: New World CiderKansas City Bier Meisters
2ndBill BoyerCharlie BucketC1A: New World CiderNorth Georgia Malt Monkeys
3rdNik VolkertCôte des Blancs CiderC1A: New World CiderScioto Olentangy Darby Zymurgists (SODZ)

Table 29: Table 29 - Specialty Cider & Perry (5 entries)

1stBill BoyerThe Ghost Of Johnny AppleseedC2E: Cider with Herbs/Spices North Georgia Malt Monkeys
2ndKevin WojdakCool RunningsC2D: Ice Cider Urban Knaves of Grain (UKG)
3rdJarrett Long
Co-Brewer: John Bates
Zombie KillingC2F: Specialty Cider/Perry Horsemen of the Hopocalypse